We undertake the designing, fabrication and erection works of towers. These self supporting towers are designed for various heights with different loading and wind conditions.

Self Supporting Towers

✔ Ground based towers : Height ranging from 30 mtr. to 80 mtr.
✔ Roof top towers : Height ranging from 9 mtr. to 21 mtr.

Angular & Tubular Towers

We have number of designs available of 3-legged and 4-legged towers for both angular as well as tubular towers.

✔ Tubular Structures : Height ranging from 21 mtr. to 60 mtr.
✔ Pole Structure : Height ranging from 3 mtr. – 15 mtr.

Fabrication and Galvanizing of Tower Accessories

Mobile Tower Fabrication, Galvanizing, Supply & Erection of tower accessories like Antenna Pole Mounts, Cable Trays, Wall Mount Brackets, Horizontal Cable Ladders etc.