BTS Installation.

Indoor work

✔ BTS Installation as per layout plan.
✔ Battery Bank installation, interconnection & cabling of BTS.
✔ Rectifier Rack/ SMPS installation.
✔ PCM routing and kroning, alarm cable routine.
✔ ECB, IGB, EMP installation & earthing.
✔ FEP cutting, finishing, sealing, jumper routine, connectorisation and termination.
✔ Indoor cable tray installation.
✔ Labeling of all the cables and jumpers as per customer standard.

All work is to be carried out as per layout.

Outdoor Work

✔ Horizontal cable tray fitting, pendulum support installation and grouting.
✔ Antenna fixtures installation.
✔ Antenna installation & alignment.
✔ Feeder routine, Earthing, weather proofing & labeling

All work is to be carried out as per drawing. Microwave Link

The following activities has to be carried out for one Hop I. e. at two different sites to make one link

✔ Microwave Rack installation
✔ Minilink installation & Commissioning of FIU/RRI/EITI
✔ Antenna installation & IF Cable routine
✔ DC connection to minilink through DCDB / MCB
✔ Earthing of Rack, IF as per site engineer instruction

Alignment of Microwave to achieve required level